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The EdMedic Ethos

EdMedic is a team of medical students and doctors. Having all been through the medical school application process, we understand how challenging it can be. We have created this platform to provide the personalised service we wish we had when we were going through the process.

Our medical mentors believe that the medical school application is alike to a jigsaw puzzle and that all the elements of the application process must align together precisely in order for you to have the most significant impact. We understand that every applicant is unique in their own way. Therefore, your application has to be individualised to your specific character and attributes in order to maximise your chances of securing a place at medical school.

Regardless of your education background or experiences, EdMedic is here to mentor you through every stage of your 

application. We are committed to investing in you and working with you to create the strongest version of your medical school application.

Let us be part of your success.

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